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VestaCP x AdminLTE

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  • Integrate AdminLTE theme into VestaCP
  • 12 color schemes
  • Boxed layout


Before you go

  1. Currently, I tested on Version: 0.9.8 (Release: 15) ONLY. Please check you version first.
  2. VestaCP's paid features such as File Manager is not tested.
  3. Make sure to make a backup.

(Option 1) For someone who don't know what is Bower:

  1. Go to "Download Page" (, click "";
  2. Backup "/usr/local/vesta/web/".
  3. Unzip "" and put all files into "/usr/local/vesta/web/".

(Option 2) For someone who know what is Bower:

  1. Download the Source Code.
  2. Backup "/usr/local/vesta/web/".
  3. Unzip and put all files into "/usr/local/vesta/web/"
  4. Execute "bower install" command


In case you forgot to backup the "web" directory, you can download it from the VestaCP official repo.


Further Info

  • Inject the theme using Javascript instead of modifying all html and files.


Youtube Video


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