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UCI chess engine written in Java. Connect her to Arena, or play on the command line.
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Though she be but little, she is fierce

UCI compliant chess engine written in Java. Can be played on the command line through the UCI protocol, but best connected to a GUI, such as arena or cutechess. Uses chesscore for legal move generation, through maven.

You will need the latest JRE 11 to run axolotl.

You may use up to 8 threads to run axolotl, the default is one.

Version 1.9 is about 2492 elo. If you run any games with axolotl, I would be very happy to hear the results.

You are free to use Axolotl however you see fit. If you have any questions, simply open an issue and I will try to get back to you.


Also available as a maven import


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