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module Treat
# Treat requires Ruby >= 1.9.2
if RUBY_VERSION < '1.9.2'
raise "Treat requires Ruby version 1.9.2 " +
"or higher, but current is #{RUBY_VERSION}."
# Custom exception class.
class Exception < ::Exception; end
class UnsupportedException < Exception; end
# Load configuration options.
require 'treat/config'
# Load all workers.
require 'treat/helpers'
# Require library loaders.
require 'treat/loaders'
# Require all core classes.
require 'treat/core'
# Require all entity classes.
require 'treat/entities'
# Lazy load worker classes.
require 'treat/workers'
# Require proxies last.
require 'treat/proxies'
# Turn sugar on.
# Install packages for a given language.
def self.install(language = :english)
require 'treat/installer'
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