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Treat - Text Retrieval, Extraction and Annotation Toolkit
1.0.0 - First stable API.
* Major fix: bug when using the Stanford bindings due to an API change.
* Final touches to make decision tree classification work neatly.
* Add method in Countable to calculate position from end of parent entity.
* Assume HTML format in Buildable when given a URL with no file extension.
* Major fix: fixed the unserialization of "special" values (boolean, symbol, numeric).
* Minor fix: bug in Iterable#entities_with_feature fixed.
* Minor fix: bug in Countable#position_from_end fixed.
* Began AI4R integration and added a simple wrapper for the Multi-Layer Perceptron.
* Feature addition: allow to configure the paths to external Stanford files.
* Major fix: Made entities_with_feature use get() instead of send().
* Small API change: Renamed Clitic to Enclitic.
* Major fix: fixed Stanford tagger & name tagger paths.
* Added French support and multiple tag set support for Stanford tools.
* Fixed decimal point escaping across whole library.
* Major removal: merged the :perl tokenizer into the :ptb tokenizer (similar regexps).
* Added Reuters models to installer.
* Renamed Lingustics class to Universalisation.
* Made general topic extraction available on documents, zones and sections.
* Complete refactoring of the core of the library.
* Separated all configuration stuff from dynamic stuff.
* Added LIBSVM and LIBLINEAR classifier support.
* Added support for serialization of documents and data sets to MongoDB.
* Added specs for most of the core classes.
* Several bug fixes.
* MAJOR CHANGE: the old DSL is no longer supported. A new DSL style using
lowercase keywords is now used and must be required explicitly.