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base fork: louismullie/treat
base: 3897cad0ab
head fork: louismullie/treat
compare: a66de0b2f0
Commits on Aug 16, 2012
@louismullie Add :benchmark task to Rakefile. 10cf4bf
@louismullie Add 'zip' dependency, add :lda as a worker for :topic_words. b6bafd6
@louismullie Temporarily remove Enju for speed of tests. Need to undo. 7f009a3
@louismullie Improve documentation consistency, format references. ce4caa6
@louismullie Merge benchmarks with tests. 807ac32
@louismullie Run automated specs. e7ce896
@louismullie Added note to self. b8befa7
@louismullie Move entity specs to their own folder. c44b1ea
@louismullie Move core specs to their own folder. 6cfd4a2
@louismullie Move all performance stuff to specs. ccfaa0e
@louismullie Move all performance stuff to specs. 9b9edba
@louismullie Get rid of the helper, move all stuff to Rakefile. e7efc4d
@louismullie Run RSpec directly from Rake. 7a02ddd
@louismullie Split Core spec into several files. 3862abd
@louismullie Remove "helper" requirement from header. dfb9b94
@louismullie Remove samples from specs (moved to /language). b7d7181
@louismullie Add test sample files. fdd6c83
@louismullie Improve documentation consistency. c1c6817
@louismullie Add support for SRX gems for other languages. fc092b8
@louismullie Add support for SRX segmenter. 9f69a0e
@louismullie Let :tactful_tokenizer only be a segmented (tokenizer not accurate en…
@louismullie Add support for turning directional quotes on & off. 90de072
@louismullie Cosmetic change. ce5b01e
@louismullie Begin adding more serious examples for English. 5271abd
@louismullie Remove the tactful tokenizer script, which is not accurate enough to …
…my liking.
@louismullie Remove tactful tokenizer, which has some odd quirks. bb4c19f
Commits on Aug 18, 2012
@louismullie Prevent error from occurring when not enough words are present. c56ca32
@louismullie Use new hash syntax. 8ba162c
@louismullie Remove duplicate method call. d9bf776
@louismullie Added TODO. f45218f
@louismullie Removed some info. b435e80
@louismullie Make sure to_s returns a dup() of the string value. 42658e0
Commits on Sep 09, 2012
@louismullie Renamed languages folder to workers folder for consistency. 01e512d
@louismullie Add to_string method, make sure to dup() value. 2cf4fba
@louismullie Replace directional quotes by single quotes. 698dc53
@louismullie Comment out worker specs. ae98b6d
@louismullie Updated README. 31f2e2c
Commits on Sep 17, 2012
@louismullie Separate examples into language folders. 975ce9a
@louismullie Make all serializers return the location of the stored file. ec39450
@louismullie Change some naming conventions in folders and classes. e1aa90c
@louismullie Change naming conventions in Specs. 860bdb2
@louismullie Remove initialize method. 8d90426
@louismullie General refactorings. 0b4dcd5
@louismullie Refactor the Rake file, add some comments. 23f3264
@louismullie Add a Spec helper. c59c12e
@louismullie Make a few adjustments to run specs. 428d85f
@louismullie Require treat and spec workers in helper. 999457f
@louismullie Rename Benchmarks to Examples 8483436
@louismullie Delete file from dir. c6f882c
@louismullie Rename benchmark to example; move descriptions to workers. 09e45d8
@louismullie Remove useless file. 021fa53
Commits on Sep 18, 2012
@louismullie Doing some major refactorings in base scenario class. e26ace7
@louismullie Move in print_table and save_html helpers from language.rb 41522a6
@louismullie Slightly change the syntax to run language scenarios. 2a97f15
@louismullie Change naming from Examples to Scenarios. 20191bd
@louismullie Made consistent with @file and @folder no longer being instance varia…
@louismullie Update to reflect new directory structure. b495014
@louismullie Update to reflect new directory structure. f0cc41e
@louismullie Pass headings as a parameter. 397f217
@louismullie Continue major refactorings. 5097a05
@louismullie Make mode an argument to the constructor, and then run. Add sandbox t…
@louismullie Merge pull request #23 from louismullie/new-specs
New specs