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base fork: louismullie/treat
base: d1104145ed
head fork: louismullie/treat
compare: bc18294b1a
Commits on Sep 24, 2012
@louismullie Delete files committed by error. 325eec4
@louismullie Add learners and retrievers to config. 021f052
@louismullie Fixed bug. 8fea3b3
@louismullie Updated documentation. 375337c
@louismullie Cosmetic change. fb0f3cb
@louismullie Change :q option to :query for consistency. 41f6777
@louismullie Remove debug output. eebf537
@louismullie Add specs for classify and keywords. cd2aa7d
@louismullie Add lazy options. 8854510
Commits on Sep 28, 2012
@louismullie Raise Treat::Exception instead of Exception. 0ae0a5d
@louismullie Decided to serialize collections just like other objects. 79a9bbe
@louismullie Cosmetics. 638f4cd
@louismullie MLP returns probability. bad04ab
@louismullie Don't set levels on titles. 0cf4a48
@louismullie Try to go live with the new spec testing (yay!) 19bd2f0
@louismullie Update spec todos. 070f183
@louismullie Cosmetics. 5a4f702
@louismullie Add RSpec version and terminal table. 8f56542
@louismullie Try require_relative for Travis. 3d12716
@louismullie Add simplecov and terminal-table as development dependencies. 0051050
@louismullie Use require_relative across gem for 1.9.3. d4beeb6
@louismullie Adjust paths for require_relative. a03666b
@louismullie Autoload these classes and remove require. 4630d2e
Commits on Sep 29, 2012
@louismullie Make all core modules extend Treat::Module. 7fa273c
@louismullie Rename UnsupportedException to UnimplementedException. 54c8437
@louismullie Add require_all helper. 0ad14e8
@louismullie List should be a Zone, not Section object. 6f4860b
@louismullie Debugging Travis. fadc25c
@louismullie Update JAVA HOME to new Travis config settings. 09889ef
@louismullie Add trace for debug. 7a742b9
@louismullie Use require_relative for spec helper. 1f67be4
@louismullie Require libraty before running specs. 02d03fa
@louismullie Consolidate duplicated code from Rakefile into a few helper methods. 7bf00c8
Commits on Sep 30, 2012
@louismullie Move Ruby version check to version.rb 3368061
@louismullie Refactorings for HTML benchmark output. b391d5d
@louismullie Big cleaning up in Rakefile. 5cabbd5
@louismullie Remove stupid files. f1f8cbc
@louismullie Stylistic consistency. bf222d8
@louismullie Stylistic consistency. 6e8efc9
@louismullie Consolidate all modules in a single file; reduce redundancy in loadin…
…g code.
@louismullie Simplify the main script file as much as possible. dba5f52
@louismullie Don't depend on configuration for these functions. f6860b7
@louismullie Add configuration as a module. db02468
@louismullie Delete unnecessary helper. edadb8b
@louismullie Make Entity responsible for requiring abilities. 74e661a
@louismullie Put exceptions in a separate file. 79ed258
@louismullie Rename /core to /learning. bb2f955
@louismullie Move modules to separate folder. 3c8d479
@louismullie Move installer and server to helpers. ee21e9a
@louismullie Rename Core to Learning. 34ba8b3
@louismullie Rename Core to Learning. e71d4cd
@louismullie Moved all abilities under Entity class. ea3218b
@louismullie Move module-specific behavior (autoloaded, autoloadable) to modules/m…
@louismullie Delete files in wrong place. f5a8a80
@louismullie Move group under the workers module. 9ef0165
@louismullie Proxies becomes its own main module. 98270e6
@louismullie Move abilities under the Entity module. e694f22
@louismullie Only require dependency installer if actually running. be1e7f6
@louismullie Only require JSON and Rack if starting server. 69156b4
@louismullie Put module abilities under Modules::Module. 8880ff4
@louismullie Simplify paths. 019c2ce
@louismullie Move module files to their respective folders. 9b2d100
@louismullie Lookup should be implemented on Category. c77d19f
@louismullie Put proxies in their own folder in separate files. db038f6
@louismullie Delete unnecessary modules. ad7cb7f
@louismullie Consolidate autoload functionality. 8869836
@louismullie Reflect name change in autoload. f879a7e
@louismullie Remove Treat.install -> keep Treat::Installer.install 6663c3e
@louismullie Move autoload to its file. 6a75a44
@louismullie Enable DSL in config file. 7b06d82
@louismullie Stylistic consistency. b44d407
@louismullie Slight refactoring to make more concise; added comments. 3b90a39
@louismullie Cannot enable DSL here. fb66851
@louismullie Put this here until find a better place. 9517167
@louismullie Require the autoload mixin. b299428
@louismullie Cosmetic change. bef10ff
@louismullie Add description of toolkit, author & license information. 05d5b85
@louismullie Add documentation. d77f305
@louismullie Format and add documentation; remove UnimplementedException. 00544f8
@louismullie Small doc edit. 78f674b
@louismullie Big refactorings, liking the signal to noise ratio in this class now. c588218
@louismullie Consolidate all entities in one file. 240955f
@louismullie Rename Chainable to Applicable. ccaf52c
@louismullie Edit documentation. 72bbbfe
@louismullie Add fixme tag. dd15d2f
@louismullie Create folder if collection name does not exist. d8b834e
@louismullie Update documentation for included modules. fed8177
@louismullie Add documentation. 07c4cdb
@louismullie Got this backwards, fixing it. a55cff3
@louismullie Remove automatic copying of files into collections. da623ec
@louismullie Making things cleaner and adding some docs. 2f3fc67
@louismullie Remove UnimplementedException. 682f53c
@louismullie Cardinalizers and ordinalizers only available on numbers. 5276491
@louismullie Rename method to more accurate name (group_frokm_string). 31c10f5
@louismullie Update usage information. e00a47b
@louismullie Small refactorings for stylistic consistency. fd45b85
@louismullie Use strings for the options. e789035
@louismullie Raise appropriate error if collection is not stored on disk. 007b500
@louismullie Pass parameter as string. 73c5d7b
@louismullie Only load required gems when calling #load bc18294