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Commits on Mar 15, 2011
  1. @johnbender
  2. @johnbender
  3. @johnbender
  4. added demo pages for inset filter lists

    scottjehl authored
  5. didn't need the == true test.

    scottjehl authored
  6. @hakanson

    format search filter for inset lists

    hakanson authored Scott Jehl committed
  7. changed the secondary icon color class name to ui-icon-alt instead of…

    scottjehl authored
    … ui-icon-black. This will be best when creating custom themes that might use slightly different icon colors.
  8. Merge remote branch 'origin/master'

    scottjehl authored
  9. updated the retina sprite targeting to specifically apply to the icon…

    scottjehl authored
    …s in the sprite, and nothing broader. Credit for this commit goes to Adam Messinger (@adammessinger). Thanks Adam!
  10. @adammessinger

    Fix for issue #900: buttons with rel attribute set to external don't …

    adammessinger authored Scott Jehl committed
    …show active state
  11. This adds a fallback for navbars that have one item, so they simply f…

    scottjehl authored
    …ill 100%. Credit for this fix and idea goes to kennedyr (Richard Kennedy), but we changed the naming around a bit. Fixes #1107. Thanks Richard!
Commits on Mar 14, 2011
  1. @dave1010

    Fix for #1017 - Listview - remove hover/focus on read-only items

    dave1010 authored Scott Jehl committed
  2. Pass null event param for page _trigger beforehide and beforeshow -- …

    Phil Barnes authored Scott Jehl committed
    …Fixes issue #700
  3. changed from ternary to ||

    scottjehl authored
  4. Merge branch 'bug_733' of

    scottjehl authored
    …into eddiemonge-bug_733
  5. @ray58750034

    add gridlayout test

    ray58750034 authored Scott Jehl committed
  6. @ray58750034

    set min-height of ui-block-* class, so the grid layout still work eve…

    ray58750034 authored Scott Jehl committed
    …n some block doesn't contain any content.
  7. Merge branch 'bug/1151' of

    scottjehl authored
    …into dave1010-bug/1151
  8. set native select with custom button to opacity 0 instead of 0.0001. …

    scottjehl authored
    …Note: I thought it was 0.0001 for a reason, but this checks out fine in WP7, WebOS, Android,iOS, Chrome, Safari, Firefox 4, Firefox 3.6, Opera Desktop & Mobile, IE 7
    IE 8, IE 9, Blackberry 6. Sooo... that covers it. Fixes #1216
  9. @johnbender

    fixed input type regex for ff. It puts the type attribute at the end …

    johnbender authored
    …of the html string and breaks the trailing space. Checked in ie7
  10. @johnbender

    Revert "fixed failing slider tests in firefox by adding data-type to …

    johnbender authored
    …type=range inputs"
    This reverts commit 6ca79ac.
  11. Grouped buttons had extra margins. Fixes #1231

    scottjehl authored
  12. Merge remote branch 'origin/master'

    scottjehl authored
  13. fixed a var typo. Thanks @mschroeder.

    scottjehl authored
  14. @johnbender
  15. @johnbender
  16. improved test for meta injects

    scottjehl authored
  17. gradeA adjusted to IE7 and up rather than 6 and up ( this still inclu…

    scottjehl authored
    …des Windows Phone 7). Unit test adjusted to match
  18. fixed up path.clean test so it passes

    scottjehl authored
  19. added unit test for IE version check in Mobile ( doesn't use UA detec…

    scottjehl authored
    …tion like jQuery Core's)
  20. added comment about missing meta tag

    scottjehl authored
  21. added a unit test for checking if meta viewport tag is not appended i…

    scottjehl authored
    …f one already exists.
  22. updated to latest

    scottjehl authored
  23. typo in selector for finding meta[viewport] element

    scottjehl authored
  24. fixed the flip switch in Windows Phone 7. Z indexes needed tweaking t…

    scottjehl authored
    …o accommodate IE.
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