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Ability to remove backgroundSize #8

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Added ability to remove backgroundSize from element.


Hi, thanks for taking the time to make this pull request.
It looks good but I'm wondering: what is the practical use case for changing the background-size (in your case, removing it)


I came across needing to remove elements in a backbone application. We built a multi pane vertical layout and anything outside of the current pane is removed from the dom and re-added through ajax. The resize event is fired to adjust the layout, but it throws errors if the watched element isn't found. It was tested on ie8 and up and the latest browsers.

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  1. +14 −2 jquery.backgroundSize.js
16 jquery.backgroundSize.js
@@ -40,15 +40,27 @@ if ( "backgroundSize" in && !$.debugBGS ) { return; }
$.cssHooks.backgroundSize = {
set: function( elem, value ) {
var firstTime = !$.data( elem, "bgsImg" ),
$wrapper, $img;
- $.data( elem, "bgsValue", value );
+ if (value == "") {
+ $.removeData( elem, "bgsValue");
+ $.removeData( elem, "bgsImg");
+ $.removeData( elem, "bgsPos");
+ $.removeData( elem, "bgsDim");
+ $.removeData( elem, "bgsImgDim");
+ $.removeData( elem, "bgsConstrain");
+ watched.splice( $.inArray(elem, watched), 1 );
+ return;
+ } else {
+ $.data( elem, "bgsValue", value );
+ }
if ( firstTime ) {
// add this element to the 'watched' list so that it's updated on resize
- watched.push( elem );
+ watched.push( elem );
$.refreshBackgroundDimensions( elem, true );
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