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Migration Notes

This project is in transition from Schematic to South migrations.

The main thing to keep in mind is this:

  • Any SQL migrations you write for Schematic should steer clear of any tables of apps managed by South.

If you know what you're doing, you can break this rule, but there is no guard on the table saw. If you do the wrong thing, you may break auto-update on staging or make a bad day for a contributor.

Someday, this README might contain more useful information.

South-managed apps and DB tables

  • demos
    • demos_submission
  • taggit
    • taggit_tag
    • taggit_taggeditem

These are apps managed by South. Do not create Schematic SQL migrations that touch these tables, unless you're very sure about what you're doing and can keep from breaking South migrations.

If you convert an app over to South, add it and its tables here, for great justice.

How to run the migrations

Order is important. Run Schematic before South, just in case the SQL migrations have fixes that preempt South:

python2.6 vendor/src/schematic/schematic migrations
python2.6 manage.py migrate

Where are the migrations?

All Schematic migrations are plain text SQL files under migrations, run in numerical order by prefix.

South migrations for first-party, non-vendor apps are in a migrations subdirectory. For example, check out apps/demos/migrations.

South migrations for third-party apps under vendor/ are found in python modules under migrations/south/ and are activated by adding them to SOUTH_MIGRATION_MODULES in settings.py. See the South docs about this.

How to not break South migrations

  • Ensure your SQL migrations don't contain anything that will cause an error if South tries doing the same thing again. (eg. table creation, etc)

  • Converting apps over to South

    • Mozilla staging auto-update does not ever run manage.py migrate --fake
    • So, South will try to run the 0001_initial migration, which will break when it tries to create tables that already exist.
    • To prevent that, commit a SQL migration that inserts a row into south_migrationhistory that tricks South into thinking that the initial migration has already been run.
    • An example SQL migration
  • In general, if you must use a schematic migration, and it would conflict with a South migration, insert a row into south_migrationhistory to make South skip the migration.