A tiny event timer for Backbone.
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Backbone.Timer is a tiny Backbone extension (824 bytes) for timing event triggering.

It exposes a single class, Backbone.Timer, that can time event triggers on any object that extends Backbone.Events (i.e. Backbone.View, Backbone.Model, or arbitrary objects through _.extend(myObject, Backbone.Events).


This library requires a version of Backbone later than 0.9.x.


Backbone.Timer has two methods:

  • timeEvents(startEvent, startTarget, endEvent[, endTarget])
  • timeEvent(endEvent, endTarget)

Only one should be used for a given instance of the timer. That is, a timer should only be used once: an error will be logged in the console if a timer is started multiple times.

Time between two events

To listen to the time between two events, use timeEvents(startEvent, startTarget, endEvent, endTarget):

var myView = new CustomView();  // a Backbone view
var mySecondView = new OtherView();
var timer = new Backbone.Timer();

// Listen to our custom events on the view
timer.timeEvents("myView:shown", myView, "mySecondView:buttonClicked", mySecondView);

// ... do other stuff ...

myView.trigger("myView:shown");  // begin timer

// ... do more stuff, but the timer's running ...

mySecondView.trigger("mySecondView:buttonClicked");  // end timer


If the fourth argument is omitted, the timer will listen to the startTarget for both the starting and ending events:

// These two are the same
timer1.timeEvents("mouseenter", myView, "click")
timer2.timeEvents("mouseenter", myView, "click", myView)

Time until an event

For convenience, the timeEvent(endEvent, endTarget) method will start the timer immediately upon calling -- triggering the starting event is not necessary.

var person = new Person();  // a Backbone model
var timer = new Backbone.Timer();

timer.timeEvent("person:turned40", person); // starts timing immediately

// ... do other stuff ...

person.trigger("person:turned40"); // end timer


Executing code when the timer finishes

A callback can be registered for the end of timing by monitoring the timer:end event.

timer.on("timer:end", function(e) {
  // `this` is `timer`

// or...

myView.listenTo(timer, "timer:end", function(e) {
  // `this` is `myView`


An instance of Backbone.Timer has the following properties:

  • startTime
  • endTime
  • totalTime
  • started
  • finished

For more details, see the documentation.


The documentation for the Backbone.Timer class can be found here.


Apache 2.0 license.