Configuration File

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Scrappy uses a configuration file to define default settings for the command-line application. In addition, you can define custom profiles with predetermined parameters to use in conjunction with the --profile argument.

The scrappy configuration file, scrappy.yml uses the YAML format and is located, by default, in the root directory of the module.

Parameters in the configuration file consist of kwargs used by the Scrape class (excepting grabber):

  • interactive : bool, Manually select from multiple results
  • tvdbid : int, TVDB id number
  • lang : str, two-character language code, e.g.: 'en'
  • confidence : float, Minimum confidence to consider a guessed series name as valid.

Passing command-line arguments will override existing values defined in the configuration file.

##General Parameters

Parameters defined under the General heading of the configuration file are always applied invoking the command-line application. If any General parameters are also found in a profile that has been loaded, or if they have been passed as command-line arguments, they will be overridden.


Parameters defined under the Auto heading will be invoked (supplanting duplicate entries in General) when the --auto argument is passed.

The Auto heading is intended to be the go-to set of parameters, so users are encouraged modify the lang parameter to reflect their preferred language.


Profiles are invoked by passing the --profile argument followed by the profile name. The profile with the equivalent name is selected from the Profile heading in the YAML file and its parameters are loaded. This means that you can define your own profiles by creating subheadings with the desired profile name.

By default, two profiles are included:

  1. strict_match : Strict matching criteria for TVDB lookups.
  2. english : Look up English-language shows.