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Troll strangers!

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Tromegle: Troll Strangers!

Tromegle started as a project through which to learn about HTTP requests and asynchronous I/O. The idea was to learn how to use urllib(2) and later Twisted while having a bit of fun at the expense of a few Omegle users, or "strangers". It has since evolved into an unofficial API, complete with a simple client class.

Trolling is a Art!

The nonstandard functionality of Tromegle is centered around a relatively simple man-in-the-middle attack.

The power of Tromegle lies in the Transmogrifier class, which allows for the conditional modification or injection of AJAX events and, by extension, user messages. In plain English, this means you can modify the message a user sends to another as well as pass messages that only one user will see!

Trolling gently

Sometimes it's just fun to evesdrop; internet users are often funny despite themselves. Tromegle gives you the tools to either observe or record conversations, or relevant portions thereof.

Getting Tromegle

You will need python version 2.7 or later to use Tromegle. Tromegle 2.6 will not work because Tromegle makes extensive use of dictionary comprehension syntax -- a feature added in python2.7.

Installing through pip

As of right now, the easiest way to obtain Tromegle is through pip. Make sure pip is installed prior to running:

pip install tromegle --user

Installing through Git

git clone

The package can then be installed withe the following commands:

cd tromegle
sudo python install


Tromegle is maintained and tested on the latest version of Twisted. It is very likely to continue working with older versions, however.

Canonical installation instructions can be found on the above website, but the following installation steps should work.

Ubuntu (or other Debian-based distro)

sudo apt-get install python-twisted


Download the installer from here

Any OS with pip installed (Mac/Win/*nix)

pip install Twisted


OSX has shipped with Twisted preinstalled since 2007, so Tromegle should work out-of-the-box! If you have any trouble, you should try this simple procedure. If that doesn't work, you can try downloading the tarball and installing it to a different PYTHONPATH than the default.

Using Tromegle

Instructions on how to use Tromegle can be found in the short and sweet introduction to Tromegle wiki page.

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