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Program process guide for imaging, inventory, donations and workflow process
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Business Process


This guide supports one of the programs under the Office of Civic Innovation's Digital Inclusion initiative. You can read more about our Digital Inclusion efforts here:


Digital Inclusion partners that are performing imaging of donated hardware need a robust process to receive, track, manage and deploy refurbished assets.

Goal Statement

The needs of LMHA for imaging need to be scaled to a larger operational level. To support this, I have built a server utilizing the FOG Project to capture and deploy system images.

The image we have chosen for reliability, simplicity, security and licensing is Neverware's ChromeOS build, CloudReady. This has been deployed on 54 existing laptops & desktops utilizing a manual process.

Processing application has been built in AirTable.

Intended Results

  • Standardize the refurbishment process
  • Greatly increase output quality & amount
  • Create a process that can be easily replicated (taught to VISTAs, or any other contributor)
  • Provide metrics & asset tracking that are generated by the process, as opposed to manual collection


Possible Metrics:
Goal: Percent saturation of computing devices by demographic statistic (low income, SNAP etc?)

AirTable Links

Step 1: Register a Donor: [LINK REDACTED]
Step 2: Register a Donation: [LINK REDACTED]

Step 1: Enter received donation into Inventory: [LINK REDACTED]
Step 2: Inspection the received Inventory: [LINK REDACTED]
Step 3: Diagnose Inventory if it does not pass automated tests: [LINK REDACTED] (Working on process document for this)
Step 4: Image
Step 5: Quality Check: [LINK REDACTED] (Working on process document for this)
Step 6: Assign to Recipient

Recipient Tracking:
Register a Recipient: [LINK REDACTED]

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