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Codebase for new OPI2 site.
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Office of Performance Improvement & Innovation

This repo is for our public-facing site, which is hosted on This site is the main funnel for fellows program recruiting and outreach.

The site is forked from, which is built on the U.S. Web Design Standards and uses Jekyll to generate static pages.


  1. If you're using a Mac, install homebrew (see
  2. After installing git (brew install git), cd to the directory where you want to check-out the site, and then clone it (git clone
  3. Install rvm (\curl -sSL | sudo bash -s stable), make your current user a member of the rvm group, and then install a new version of ruby (rvm install 2.3.1) or make sure you're using it: rvm use 2.3.1
  4. Install the bundler gem, then use bundler to install other project dependencies (gem install bundler && bundle install)


  1. In the directory you checked out the website into, run jekyll serve to start the webserver
  2. Navigate to http://localhost:4000 in your browser to see your changes



Pages in subfolders, like parent/, render as visual children of their parent, e.g. The parent page must exist for the child page to appear in the navigation, however if it has the layout: redirect, the parent will only display as a header above it's children.

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