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A repo to play around with provisioning and experimenting with some basic networking tooling on AWS.
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Architecture Diagram

The following is a small example of how to create a small, but basic network within AWS.

It is used to explain some of the main networking concepts by using as little infrastructure as possible.

The resources

  1. A VPC (with internet gateway)
  2. 3 Subnets (1 public, 2 private)
  3. A basic EC2 machine
  4. A security group with all egress traffic, and HTTP ingress

Getting Started

Note: You will need both git and terraform commands installed. You will also need AWS access. The simplest way is to set an environment variable with your AWS_ACCESS_KEY_ID and AWS_SECRET_ACCESS_KEY. The AWS credentials need to be assigned permissions to create the resources.

  • git clone
  • terraform init
  • terraform apply — Create the infrastructure

Disclaimer: This repository is purely for training purposes. I am not responsible for any costs, or damages caused by the running of the above commands and/or cloud resources. The resources created are entirely the responsibility of the creator and I am in no way responsible for any issues that arise from creating them.

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