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This is my first project in web development!

The assignment was to build a visual copy of the Google homepage.

From The Odin Project's curriculum


  • I might be a bit too perfectionist and thus slow. But it was cool to research solutions online, I learned a lot in the process.
  • My main difficulty was to center the elements and keep them all in place when the browser window was resized both horizontally and vertically. Otherwise I found the rest to be pretty straigthforward.
  • When I got stuck, I often thought it was because I didn't fully understand the rule I was applying. But more often than not, I'd realise much later that it was a stupid error in my code that caused the bug. I really should look over these details before searching for an alternative solution! It would've wasted a lot less time...
  • I'm sure with more practice I can develop a method of trial & error that is more organised and lets me formalise my findings more easily.
  • All in all this was fun =D
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