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What it's made with

  • A whole lot of JavaScript TypeScript
  • React to declare the UI
  • Emotion to define the styles
  • MDX to author the content
  • Gatsby for the tooling, including a wonderful GraphQL data layer
  • Netlify for hosting because it's simple, implements a lot of best practices by default that make serving your site super fast, and includes SSL and custom domains for free

How it works

Gatsby pulls in data from the content directory, as specified in the gatsby-config.js file. It builds a data graph with a defined GraphQL schema. It then renders the application as configured by .js files it finds in src/pages, and calls to the createPage function as specified in gatsby-node.js.

Pages are React components. A Page file's default export is a React component. Pages describe their needed data with a GraphQL query exported under the name pageQuery. Gatsby handles providing that data as the prop data to the component.

Gatsby is exellent because it makes it very easy to develop using a model-driven approach without needing more than simple files. (Not to mention how much messy configuration it simplifies for getting a super fast website and a sweet hot reloading development experience.)


  1. Get a working knowledge of computers and the command line

  2. Install git

  3. Install Node.js

  4. Install Yarn (or just use npm if you know what you're doing)

  5. And then:

    git clone
    cd descioli-design
    yarn install
    yarn start