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Jean jeanbauer
I’m a consultant developer focused on building web solutions for real-life problems, most of the time using JS. I'm currently working for ThoughtWorks

ThoughtWorks Porto Alegre

Yangshun Tay yangshun
Front End @facebook 🌝 · Building Docusaurus · Ex-@grab 🇸🇬

@facebook Menlo Park, CA

Carlinhos de Sousa Junior sousajunior
Student of Computer Science.

ASSEINFO São João Batista, SC - Brasil

Roberto Borges borgestj
Desenvolvedor Front-end

Híbrido Tijucas - SC

Francis Rodrigues francisrod01
FullStack JavaScript Developer, React / React Native, NodeJs, AWS

@francisrod01 Minas Gerais, Brazil

Jesse Leite jesseleite
The Canadian @statamic Gentleman™. Musician. Go Saints. Go Jays. Go Habs. Husband and proud father. Love because he first loved us. 1 John 4:19.

@statamic and @wilderborn London, Ontario

Ian White eonwhite
CEO / CTO, @stardogventures. Former CTO / founder @sailthru, first tech lead @businessinsider.

@stardogventures New York, NY

Maciej Adamczak macku
A Senior Front-End Developer on Bitbucket Server at @atlassian, a trainer and JavaScript consultant after work. So far I've lived on 3 different continents.

@Atlassian Sydney, Australia

Jared Palmer jaredpalmer
Consultant, Speaker, Lead Engineer @palmerhq

@PalmerHQ New York, NY

Linda_pp rhysd
A dog enjoying software development (with bug)

Tokyo, Japan

Erik Rasmussen erikras
American expat javascript developer. 🇺🇸🇪🇸


Liu-Cheng Xu liuchengxu
Focusing on Blockchain currently, previously learning about ML & DM P.S. we're hiring.

Hangzhou, China

Rodrigo Pombo pomber
Hi! If you like any of my projects, consider backing me:

Buenos Aires, Argentina

Max Howell mxcl
Creator of Homebrew. Open source all day every day.

Savannah, GA

Qiming zhao chemzqm
Code designer

Beijing, China

Sindre Sorhus sindresorhus
Full-Time Open-Sourcerer ·· Maker ·· Into Swift and Node.js

ʵ̎̐ˡ̐̎ʵ̎̐ˌ̐̎̐ ˌ̐̎ˌ̎̐̎ˌ̐̎̐̎ˌ̎̐̎ˌ̐̎ˌ̎ ˌ̎̐̎ˌ̐̎̐̎ˌ̎̐̎̐ˌ̐̎̐̎̐ˌ̎̐̎̐̎̐ˌ̐̎̐̎̐ˌ̎̐̎̐ˌ̐̎̐̎ˌ̎̐̎ ʵ̎̐ˌ̎̎̎̐ʵ̎̐ʵ̐̎̐ˡʵ̎̐ˡ̐̎ʵ̎̐ˌ̎̎̎̐ʵ̎̐ʵ̐̎̐ˡˈ̎̐̎ʵ̎̐ˡ̐̎ʵ̎̐ˌ̐̎̐ ˌ̐̎ˌ̎̐̎ˌ̐̎̐̎ˌ̎̐̎ˌ̐̎ˌ̎ ˌ̎̐̎ˌ̐̎̐̎ˌ̎̐̎̐ˌ̐̎̐̎̐ˌ̎̐̎̐̎̐ˌ̐̎̐̎̐ˌ̎̐̎̐ˌ̐̎̐̎ˌ̎̐̎ ʵ̎̐ˌ̎̎̎̐ʵ̎̐ʵ̐̎̐ˡʵ̎̐ˡ̐̎ʵ̎̐ˌ̎̎̎̐ʵ̎̐ʵ̐̎̐ˡˈ̎̐̎

Jason Miller developit
Web DevRel at @google. Creator of Preact and other tiny libraries.

@google Cambridge, MA

Eduardo San Martin Morote posva
Member of the @vuejs core team Speaker, trainer. From 🇪🇸, lives in 🇫🇷

Freelance Paris

Bryan Phelps bryphe

@OutrunLabs Seattle, WA

Donavon West donavon
Lots of JavaScript, mostly React Hooks now-a-days. Co-organizer of @usereactnyc

@americanexpress NYC

Joe Haddad Timer
Aspiring software engineer. Co-author of Create React App.

@zeit Strongsville, Ohio

itchyny itchyny
Add a bio

Hatena Co., Ltd. Kyoto, Japan

Felipe Nascimento de Moura felipenmoura
Founder at BrazilJS and Nasc, I'm a Google Developer Expert on Web Technologies.

@NascHQ Rio Grande do Sul, Brazil

Sérgio Lopes sergiolopes
Instrutor e desenvolvedor na @alura-cursos & @caelum

Alura e Caelum São Paulo, Brazil

Guillermo Rauch rauchg SF

Brendan Eich BrendanEich
Founder & CEO, Brave Software. Created JavaScript. Co-founded Mozilla and Firefox.


Eric Elliott ericelliott
Eric Elliott is the author of "Composing Software". He has contributed to software experiences for Adobe, Zumba, BBC, Usher, etc.

Parallel Drive San Francisco, California

Daniel Leite de Oliveira dleitee
:first-child { name: 'Joaquim'; }

@CheesecakeLabs Florianópolis/SC

Rodrigo Branas rodrigobranas
CEO at AgileCode and CTO at Gennera

Gennera Apps Florianópolis, Brazil

Eduardo Matos eduardojmatos

@getninjas São Paulo/SP, Brazil

Wes Bos wesbos
I create courses that make learning things like JavaScript easy and fun 🔥

me Hamilton, Ontario

Sibelius Seraphini sibelius
Full Stack Developer #reactnative #redux #relay #graphql #webpack #koa #react

@entria São Paulo

Sean Larkin TheLarkInn
Technical Program Manager @microsoft for @MicrosoftEdge. Javascript, webpack, Typescript. @webpack core team. @angular cli core team.

@Microsoft @MicrosoftEdge @webpack @webpack-contrib @angular Seattle, WA

Isa Silveira bella-silveira

@iZettle Stockholm, Sweden

Zeno Rocha zenorocha

Liferay, Inc. California

Ronaldo Rogério Pereira ronaldotijucas
Software Engineer @Pragmateam

Pragmateam Sydney, AU

Willian de Morais morais90

Ello Político Tijucas

Bruno Azzi BrunoAzzi

Florianópolis - SC

Kyle Simpson getify
I teach JavaScript and I'd love to come help your team's developers. If that's interesting to you, please reach out to me

Getify Solutions Austin, TX

Daniel Imms Tyriar
Aussie software engineer working at @microsoft on VS Code and @xtermjs

Microsoft Seattle, Washington

Sarah Drasner sdras
comprehension over configuration

Microsoft All over the place

Ryan Florence ryanflorence
Making React accessible for users and developers at OSS, Courses, Workshops

@reach Seattle, WA

Mathias Bynens mathiasbynens
Web standards fanatic. JavaScript, HTML, CSS, HTTP, performance, security, Bash, Unicode, macOS.

@Google Germany

Sebastian sebas5384
Developer and entrepreneur imported from Uruguay to Brazil. Lean activist and part of the Free Software community. CTO and Co-founder of @TallerWebSolutions

Taller digital business studio Florianopolis, SC - Brazil

Dan Abramov gaearon
Working on @reactjs. Co-author of Redux and Create React App. Building tools for humans.


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