Hi Lis game prototype - JavaScript/jQuery version from 2013
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Hi Lis

Game prototype JavaScript/jQuery version ~ 2013

Hi Lis is a platformer game with simple mechanics and short levels, whose look is inspired by pixel-art games from 16-bit generation. The game features small puzzles and challenging levels which require a good skill and mnemonic player's ability also, because it includes a major mechanical lighting that constantly changes between on and off, and on first case reveals only the platforms, and on second case only reveals the enemies . The videos show small snippets of gameplay, with the mechanics and general purpose of the game. According to the story, the protagonist is a boy in search of a romantic outcome with your loved one, at a meeting of lovers in a stunning forest. He must cross the dangers of the forest, including ghosts and other aberrations, and difficult paths to be followed. He does not throw strikes or has special skills, just can run and jump, and run away from enemies.

Hi Lis

Play this prototype version!


Play the release version for Android, free at Google Play. (Powered by Unity)