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very basic brute force write .xml document from rpg for multi-tab excel documents
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very basic brute force write .xml document from rpg for multi-tab excel documents

use of rpgfree service programs to create .xml file for import into multi-tab worksheets.

some of it is ugly...its not elegant, but there's enough here to start you on your own project.

so...what do we have and what do you need?

  1. the service programs themselves (and related info)

    @info.txt - our own documentation on creating service programs...if you're new to this it might help

    xml_styles.txt - documentation of the current cell styles the service program knows about

    bxml.bnd - the binder source for the service programs

    hxml.rpgle - the header file for the service program

    xml.rpgle - the service program itself - the file that will hold the xml for the data

  2. a small and stupid example

    testxml.rpgle - just writes a couple cells to a couple sheets to show how the service program is used.

    testxmlc.clle - an example of clearing the file, calling the program, sending the xml to a user.

  3. a small example that we actually use daily

    every morning the open receivables by salesmen are collected and put into a file, W02440.

    the file is basically salesman, customer, current, over00, over 30, over60, over90

    a program R02441 reads W02440 and creates the xml for a spreadsheet, one page per saleman, listing each customer and the balances. - the pf/table with the data

    R02441.rpgle - the program that reads w02440 and writes to wxml

    C02440.clle - clears the files, calls r02441, sends the wxml file to the user. might wonder why we bother creating the summary file in the middle instead of just going directly to the xml...its because we use the summary file in other charts of the data on our intranet, etc. good question, though...

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