Shows detailed disk or network device information
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This tool displays information about disks or network cards in a nice ASCII table format on the command line.

  • All network interfaces and some of their properties
  • All storage devices (hdd/sdd) and some of their properties (SMART)


Show information about network interfaces:


Show SMART information about disks:

  • PS = Pending Sector
  • RS = Reallocated Sector
  • RSE = Reallocated Sector Event


Show /dev/disk/by-* information:



root@nano:~/gold/showtools# ./show
usage: show [-h] [-E] [-g] [-a] [-m] [-S] [-D] [-e] [-s] [-f] [-c] [-p] [-w]
            [-o] [-t] [-H] [-P] [-r] [-R] [-C] [-u] [-n] [-l] [-4] [-6] [-M]
            [-T] [-d] [-F]

Show detailed disk|net device information in ASCII table format

positional arguments:
  {disk,net}            Show disk information

optional arguments:
  -h, --help            show this help message and exit

Generic settings:
  Options that apply for all device types.

  -E, --transparent     Disable table formatting (no lines)
  -g, --noheader        Disable table header (in transparent mode)

Storage (generic):
  Generic options for storage devices

  -a, --all-opts        show all information
  -m, --model           device model
  -S, --serial          device serial number
  -D, --state           drive power status (active/standby)
  -e, --apm             Advanced Power Mode
  -s, --size            device size in Gigabytes
  -f, --firmware        device firmware version
  -c, --controller      controller to which device is connected
  -p, --pcipath         /dev/disk/by-path/ ID of the device
  -w, --wwn             device World Wide Name
  -o, --scsi            /dev/by-id/scsi

Storage (SMART):
  Options based on SMART values of storage devices

  -t, --temp            temperature in Celcius
  -H, --hours           power on hours
  -P, --pending         pendinag sector count
  -r, --reallocated     reallocated sector count
  -R, --reallocatedevent
                        reallocated sector event count
  -C, --crc             CRC error
  -u, --startstop       spin up/down
  -n, --park            head parking

  Available options for `network devices

  -l, --link            network card link status
  -4, --ipv4            IPv4 address
  -6, --ipv6            IPv6 address
  -M, --mac             hardware / MAC address
  -T, --show-type       network card type
  -d, --driver          driver module
  -F, --firmware-version
                        firmware version