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What does it do ?

This project is a browser extension for detecting zoomable images in web pages and downloading them with dezoomify.

Just install the extension, open a zoomable image in your browser, click the magnifying glass icon in the address bar (), and you'll be able to download the image.

How does it work ?

This browser add-on intercepts requests made by websites and searches zoomable images in them. When a zoomable image is found, it adds a small button in your address bar that allows you to download the image with dezoomify.

For more information about dezoomify, see:


This browser addon requires the following permissions:

  • Access your data for all websites : needed to intercept web requests made by websites in order to search for zoomable image metadata.
  • Access browser activity during navigation : needed to detect when you leave a webpage, so that the icon can be hidden and the older zoomable image information forgotten.

How to install

You can install this extension from your browser's official plugin market :

Free Software

This addon is a free software (see LICENSE). You can see its source code at:

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