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Ophir LOJKINE edited this page Sep 10, 2020 · 9 revisions

Welcome to the dezoomify wiki!

Here, you will find various pages documenting advanced usage of dezoomify, and explaining some useful details about tiled zoomable images. This is a wiki, so do not hesitate to modify the pages if you have useful information to add.

Most useful pages

Dezoomify companion tools

Dezoomify itself has some limitations. These tools implement features that cannot be realised inside the dezoomify web application :

  • Dezoomify-extension is a browser addon that finds zoomable images in the pages you browse. It is useful when dezoomify itself does not find the image in the URL you give it. The URL of a zoomable image is not the same as the URL displayed in your browser when you visit an image viewing website. Since the extension can audit all the network accesses made by an image viewing website, it can find images that the dezoomify web application would otherwise not detect.

  • Dezoomify-rs is a desktop application for Windows, MacOS and Linux that can download images that are too large for dezoomify to handle, and images on servers that try to block access from dezoomify.