PetiteMM: MIDI to MML command-line converter (TinyMM alternative tool)
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PetiteMM is a SMF (MIDI) to MML converter.


  • Supports triplets such as c12d12e12
  • No polyphonic support, only one note will be converted
  • Timings between tracks will never desync like some other converters
  • Control changes are not supported (they will be ignored)

How To Use

  1. Install Java Runtime Environment (if you do not have yet)
  2. Drag and drop .mid files into PetiteMM.bat, and .mml files will be saved in the input directory

You can run PetiteMM manually by java -jar PetiteMM.jar (options) input.mid


Option Arguments Description
-o [string]filename Specify the output MML filename.
--dots [int]count Maximum dot counts allowed for dotted-note, -1 for infinity. (default=-1)
--timebase [int]TPQN Timebase of target MML, 0 to keep the input timebase. (default=48)
--input-timebase [int]TPQN Timebase of input sequence, 0 to keep the input timebase. (default=0)
--quantize-precision [int]length Specify the minimum note length for quantization. (example: 64 for 64th note)
--no-quantize n/a Prevent adjusting note length. Result will be more accurate but more complicated.
--octave-reverse n/a Swap the octave symbol.
--use-triplet n/a Use triplet syntax if possible. (really not so smart)

Special Thanks

  • TinyMM: a similar converter, PetiteMM will never be created without it.