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lovell commented May 23, 2014

I'm truly humbled by the recent surge in support for sharp.

Whilst ⭐️ and the trending status they bring are both amazing, thank you, the real measure of open source success is happy users.

I'd love to find out more about how you or your organisation are using (or plan to use) this module.

Feel free to add a comment with details of who you are, what you're doing with it and why you chose it. Alternatively let me know via @lovell on Twitter.

Thank you!

@lovell lovell added the survey label May 23, 2014

Hi Lovell,

at we process millions of images every month. Speed and resources consumption are the most important factors for us. That's why now we look closely at your project and libvips itself. After our initial tests we decided to give it a try and deploy our sharp-enabled apps to a tiny number of our API machines and see how it behaves in production.

Keep up your good work. We will definitely give you a shout after our trials.

ttback commented May 27, 2014


Great work and thanks for introducing libvips to the node.js ecosystem.

At We generate and optimize millions of thumbnails from original New York Times newspaper scans, which happen to be very large tiff files with dimension (~6000 × 6700). That's 40.2 million pixels for one image file. This creates a major performance bottleneck for our thumbnail generation pipeline.

For more information about what we are doing with images:


building an image service like imgur and kraken, but i plan to always make it free and public because

right now i'm testing it on heroku, but i'm running into memory problems and i don't want to pay for a better server haha


StoryDesk is using sharp in prod for resizing and optimizing all the user content uploaded to our cloud based presentation app. We also use it behind the scenes to resize image captures of presentation pages for thumbnail generation.

We choose sharp because it is fast and efficient compared to the alternatives.

DMarby commented Aug 16, 2014 Uses sharp for serving user-defined sizes of images, because of it's usability and speed


I'm using sharp to crop/resize assets on the fly for various sites (mainly portfolio/image heavy), I've used Imagemagick for years and have been amazed at the performance gains. I was prompted to investigate alternatives by the guy behind who pointed out how slow it was.


We are using Sharp as part of an in-house on-the-fly image re-sizing cluster to handle all of our real estate listing photos at Our old system used ImageMagick to pre-process photos before publication on the web. Your library with libvips is fast enough that we can handle all the photo manipulation on-demand, giving us the flexibility to use any photo size we want on the site, while only processing photos that are actually seen by our visitors.


We're using Sharp to resize / optimize / generate thumbnails of images uploaded by our users and manipulate page screenshots on and our iPad app. I've been very impressed with the performance and the responsiveness of the maintainers - thanks so much for keeping up the great work!


We are using sharp to deliver dynamically resized and retina optimized movie posters for the streaming services and

Zewy commented Apr 14, 2015

I am working on replacing my php script that get the images from the ftp server and resize it. Nodejs and Sharp seems to use less resources then php.

gasi commented Apr 22, 2015

@FiftyThree uses sharp on our Mix backend to pyramid (resize) our user image uploads into different resolutions as well as compositing PNGs onto different background colors (hence #94). We previously used ImageMagick and improved our image processing performance by several factors once we switched to sharp. Thanks for all your hard work on this, @lovell ❤️


We are using Sharp at InVisionApp in increasing amounts as we replace legacy ColdFusion code with node microservices. We are using it for thumbnails as well as general resizes, and chose to use Sharp due to the performance gains compared to Image Magick

pajtai commented Aug 31, 2015

On the fly local and s3 image resizer.

@lovell lovell referenced this issue Sep 18, 2015

Alpine Linux #242

x-cray commented Sep 21, 2015

Image validation/resize on upload and tile() for breaking big floor plans into tiles to show them with Leaflet.


We're using sharp as the guts of an on demand image resizing service. Signal is a group video chatting app that allows you to browse photos, youtube videos, and the like synchronously with your friends. Internet together!

asilvas commented Nov 12, 2015

Hey Lovell, great module!

We're using sharp at GoDaddy via an open-source image server, ImageSteam. This allows us to serve only the bytes required by the device viewing the page, enabling much better user experiences.


Thank you Lovell, for the great module.
We at are using sharp as part of our avatar micro-service both for creating standard sizes for our common cases as well as transforming avatars on the fly for the not so common requests. Covve is serving millions of contacts to its users and most of them have avatars, so we are putting your module to a good use.

puzrin commented Nov 14, 2015

We use sharp to resize originals & generate thumbnails. In normal site mode gm was ok, but for migration we have to process 1M of images, and sharp is significantly faster.


It is used to optimize & presize facial photos. Made a handheld mobile access card reader solution for Kaba and instead of having to push images up to 500KB down a 3G or wifi network we now have in general only some 10 to 15KB per image. With up to 64k images that is rather a lot less bandwidth and loading time

digital-flowers commented Aug 23, 2016 edited

at we are creating an application that use DLNA and peer to peer to give the users the ability to browse and stream there files across all devices in realtime and we are using sharp in our nodewebkit desktop app for collecting files info and generating thumbnails for all image files and it is Amazing :)

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