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Jester (REST ORM) re-invented on motoools steroids. Very advanced.
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Mootools ORM (like ActiveResource or Jester).

Readme below may be a little bit outdated. To be rewritten.

var Post = new Resource("Post") Post.find("all", function(p) { p.title = "All your base are belong to us" })

p = new Post({title: "Hello world"}).save p.errors #=> {something}

This thing is rails & merb-oriented As they are supported out of the box:

Merb, with Merb.disable(:json) & ActiveRecord:

provides :json display @post, :only => [:title, :body, :created_at, :id], :include => {:comments => {:only => [:body, :created_at, :id]}}

Merb without ActiveRecord:

provides :json display @post #cant control anything here, associations not included


respond_to do |f| f.json do @post.to_json, :only => [:title, :body, :created_at, :id], :include => {:comments => {:only => [:body, :created_at, :id]}} end end

So with that backend we can do this:

new Resource("Post", { associations: { comments: ["Comment", {prefix: true}] #setting autoprefix on } })

Post.find(1).chain(function(post) { post.title = "defaced" post.comments.each(function(comment) { comment.destroy() # DELETE /posts/1/comments/n }) { if (!result) { alert(post.errors) # => ["Title is too short"] } else { alert("Ha ha ha... You are on your way to destruction") } }) # PUT /posts/1/ title=defaced })

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