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S3 Authentication Proxy Example using Nginx

This is a short example on how to create a transparent authentication proxy to a private s3 bucket.

The main feature used is the set-misc-module's set_hmac_sha1 and set_encode_base64 directives. Take a look at the example config file template in nginx/

Setup (MAC)

Your environment will need to contain your AWS credentials in the following two environment variables: AWS_ACCESS_KEY and AWS_SECRET_KEY.

Additional required libraries to the ones need to build nginx are openssl and lua.

Also this example uses buildout to download and build nginx with all required modules, which requires a python interpreter.

Run bootstrap:

python --distribute

And run buildout:


If your AWS credentials change after running the buildout initially, you need to re-run the buildout.


After the build you can start nginx in the foreground with:


The generated config file resides in ./nginx/nginx.conf

To issue a get request via curl to your s3 bucket use the following url pattern:

curl http://localhost:19999/<bucket-name>/<path-to-object>