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This is a Singer (<>) tap that produces JSON-formatted data following the Singer spec (<>).

This tap:

Supported streams:

  • lists
  • list_members
  • campaigns
  • email_activity_reports

Quick start


Install from Github with pip:

pip install git+

Get an API key

The Tap will need to use a Mailchimp username and API key to make authenticated requests to the Mailchimp API.

Create the config file

The following is an example of the required configuration:

    "start_date": "2017-09-01T00:00:00Z",
    "user_name": "",
    "api_key": "abcdef12345-usn"

A start_date of blank or * will pull all data (full historical import). This is slow and not recommended.

Optional: Create the initial state file

You can provide a JSON file that contains stream progress data. This allows the Tap to restart without losing too much progress. The Tap periodically (currently every 60 seconds) emits a state JSON that you or the target should save to support restarts. If you omit the state file or the state file is an empty JSON object then the Tap will fetch all data for the supported streams.

Run the Tap

Run the tap with configuration and state:

tap-mailchimp -c config.json -s state.json

Configuration options

  • user_name: MailChimp user name, required
  • api_key: MailChimp API key, required
  • user_agent: User agent for API requests, recommended
  • start_date: Starting timestamp for list members and campaign activity. "*", empty string, null, and not present are also accepted and mean no starting date (full historical import). Recommended.
  • lag: Lag in days for campaign reporting. Optional, default is 3.
  • count: Number of records to fetch at once through the API. Optional, default is 500.
  • request_timeout: Seconds before request times out. Optional, default is 300 (5 minutes).
  • max_run_time: Minutes to run before exiting early. Useful for e.g. hourly jobs. Optional, default is null (no early exit).
  • keep_links: If true, _links from the API response are preserved. These are generally not useful. Optional, default is false.
  • use_export: If true, the MailChimp bulk export v1 API is used for list members and email activity. Highly recommended, default is true.
  • use_list_member_export: If true, use bulk export for list members. Default is to fallback to value of use_export.
  • use_email_activity_export: If true, use bulk export for email activity. Default is to fallback to value of use_export.
  • include_empty_activity: If true, include empty activity when tapping email activity stream. Optional, default is false.
  • interests_array: If true, convert interests to an array rather than an object. This results in a list member interests subtable. Optional, default is true.
  • merge_fields_array: If true, convert merge fields to an array rather than an object. This results in a list member merge fields subtable. Optional, default is true.

Copyright (C) 2017 Lovepop, LLC


Singer tap for the Mailchimp API







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