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This is about useful JS tips!
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JS Tips Awesome

Useful JavaScript tips

This is an awesome project about short and useful JavaScript tips that will allow you to improve your code writing. With less than 2 minutes, you will be able to read about performance, conventions, hacks, interview questions and all the items that the future of this awesome language holds for us.

Tips are added frequently (read further if you want to stay in touch).

Support the community

If you found a JS Tip useful or you like a writer of the community now you are able to show some respect and support with a tip!

Can you help us enrich it?

Sure, you can help the project in two ways, sending your tip or reviewing future tips. Any improvements or suggestions are more than welcome! Instructions are here.

Let’s keep in touch

There are a lot of ways to get updates, choose your own

Don't forget to Star★ the repo, as this helps promoting the project!

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