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A collection of small, single-purpose web applications that share services but are otherwise independent.

Medley is build on the CherryPy framework.

Development Setup

Medley targets the current version of Python 3 in Debian stable, currently 3.7. Setup is driven by make.

# Create a Python virtual environment
make venv
source venv/bin/activate

# Install third-party libraries
make setup

# Start the server on localhost:8085
make serve


The server uses a default configuration that can be adjusted using environment variables. Any environment variable that starts with MEDLEY__ will be added to the CherryPy global config.


MEDLEY__database_dir: The filesystem path to the directory that should be used for SQLite databases. Default: ./db

MEDLEY__engine__autoreload__on: Whether the CherryPy server should watch for changes to application files and restart itself. Only useful during development. Default: False

MEDLEY__local_maintenance: Whether the server should allow requests from localhost that perform cleanup and maintenance operations. These can be time intensive and block other requests, and are meant to run on a nightly basisd when the application isn't busy. Default: True

MEDLEY__log__screen: Whether log messages should be written to the server's stdout. Default: True

MEDLEY__log__screen_access: Whether access logs should be written to the stdout of the server process. Only useful when MEDLEY__log__screen is enabled. Default: False

MEDLEY__memorize_hashes: Whether the server should keep static asset file hashes in memory for use with HTTP cache control. Useful in production but not in development. Default: True

MEDLEY__request__show_tracebacks: Whether CherryPy should display Python error trackebacks in the browser. Default: False

MEDLEY__server__daemonize: Whether the CherryPy server should run as a daemon. Unnecessary when the server is being manged by systemd. Default: False

MEDLEY__server__socket_host: The IP the server should listen on. Default:

MEDLEY__server__socket_port: The port the server should listen on. Default: 8085

MEDLEY__tools__gzip__on: Whether to enable gzip compression. Default: True


This project gratefully makes use of the following projects: