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Restore format call in negotiable plugin

Without it, tests that involve render method mocks hang for unknown
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lovett committed Aug 7, 2019
1 parent 79c71e1 commit 2a57aff8f8323b0a9966b2e706f3df7886eee514
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@@ -104,10 +104,14 @@ def _finalize(self):
# Requests made on the command line using curl tend to collide
# with the shell prompt. Add some trailing newlines to
# prevent this.
body_format = "{}"

if "curl" in cherrypy.request.headers.get("User-Agent", ""):
final_body += "\n\n"
body_format += "\n\n"

cherrypy.response.body = final_body.encode(self.charset)
cherrypy.response.body = body_format.format(

def render_json(body):

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