An application neutral notification service.
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Notifier is a web-based notification service using Node.js. Messages are received over HTTP and sent over websocket to connected clients.

Messages are stateful. When a client clears a messge, it is revoked from all other clients.

Message are also stored by the server, even after they have been cleared.

Installation and Setup

Third-party libraries can be installed using standard npm install procedures. Everything is application-local with no implicit dependency on globally-available packages.

The server is configured with internal defaults that can be selectively overriden via an external JSON file. This file can either be located at /etc/notifier.json or within the application directory under server/config-{env}.json where {env} corresponds to the value of NODE_ENV.

Before the application can be used, the browser UI must be be built by running:

npm run -s build

The server can be started by running:

npm run -s start

Authenticate with the server and send yourself a test message via grunt:

grunt http:authtoken; grunt http:onemessage

Finally, view the application in a web browser. By default, it will be running on localhost:8080. The default username and password are both "notifier".


The icons used in the browser UI are taken from the Typicons library.

The server and browser clients use Faye for publish-subscribe over websockets.

The browser UI uses AngularJS 1.