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Notifier is a web service for sending yourself notifications.

It provides an HTTP endpoint you can send messages to, a browser-based interface for viewing them, and a hook point for relaying to other services.

Unlike OS- or app-based notifications, Notifier is free-form and standalone. You control when a notification is sent, what it says, and how it looks.


The server's default configuration is reasonable for production use. Changes to the defaults can be made with environment variables or a JSON file. The JSON file can be loaded from several places:

  • config-[NODE_ENV].json in the application root
  • config.json in the application root
  • /etc/notifier.json

NOTIFIER_BADGE_BASE_URL: Where to find custom message badges. A message with a custom badge only specifies the filename. This value provides the rest. Message badges are only loaded from one location. Default: /svg.

NOTIFIER_BASE_URL: The URL path of the application. Default: /.

NOTIFIER_DB_DSN: The connection string for the Postgres database. Default: postgres://notifier:notifier@localhost:5432/notifier.

NOTIFIER_FORCE_HTTPS: Whether HTTPs is required. Default: 0.

NOTIFIER_HTTP_IP: The IP address the server should listen on. Default:

NOTIFIER_HTTP_PORT: The port the server should listen on. Default: 8080.

NOTIFIER_PUBLIC_DIR: The filesystem path of the public directory. Default: ./public.

NOTIFIER_DEFAULT_USER: A user account to be created automatically. Default: not specified.

NOTIFIER_DEFAULT_USER_PASSWORD: The password for the default user. Default: not specified.

Database setup

The application will create the database schema automatically at startup. But the database itself must already exist.

Using the default value for NOTIFIER_DB_DSN described above:

createdb -U postgres notifier

If the configuration specifies a default user, it will similarly be created automatically at server startup.

What it's made of

The browser UI uses Mithril.

Message delivery to the browser is done with server-sent events.

The server uses Express and a PostgresSQL database.

The browser UI and the server are both written in Typescript.


This project uses icons from the Typicons library.


An application-neutral notification service.




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