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# Build a container image suitable for production use.
# This is where the source files for the application are brought info
# the container's filesystem. It's also where composer packages get
# installed and where the application is optimized for the production
# environment.
set -e -u
# This script uses the buildah mount command as an unprivileged user,
# so it needs to be wrapped by the buildah unshare command. See the
# buildah-unshare command for details.
if [[ $(ps -o args= -p $PPID) != "buildah-in-a-user-namespace unshare $0" ]]; then
exec buildah unshare $0
if ! hash npm 2>/dev/null; then
echo "Cannot continue. Npm is not installed."
exit 1
# Start from a clean slate by deleting any existing containers or images.
if $(buildah images | grep --quiet "localhost/$CONTAINER_NAME"); then
echo "Deleting previous $CONTAINER_NAME image..."
buildah rmi "$CONTAINER_NAME"
if $(buildah containers -a | grep --quiet "$BASE_IMAGE-working-container"); then
echo "Deleting previous work container..."
buildah rm "$BASE_IMAGE-working-container"
# Create a work container from the base image.
WORK_CONTAINER=$(buildah from "localhost/$BASE_IMAGE")
# Build frontend assets in production mode
# This requires node and npm to be available on the build host.
npm run production
# Copy the application source files
# It's easier to do this in one shot with rsync than with buildah-copy.
MOUNT=$(buildah mount "$WORK_CONTAINER")
rsync -av --cvs-exclude \
--delete-excluded \
--exclude=.ackrc \
--exclude=.env \
--exclude=.env.example \
--exclude=.gitattributes \
--exclude=.gitignore \
--exclude=ansible \
--exclude=node_modules \
--exclude=vendor \
--exclude=bootstrap/cache/* \
--exclude=storage/* \
--exclude=tests \
--exclude=package.json \
--exclude=package-lock.json \
--exclude=phpcs.xml \
--exclude=phpmd.xml \
--exclude=phpunit.xml \
--exclude=Makefile \ \
--exclude=server.php \
--exclude=*.sqlite \
--exclude=webpack.mix.js \
# Composer will throw an error if this directory doesn't exist.
mkdir -p storage/framework/views
# Create a placeholder for the database.
# Otherwise composer throws an error about it not existing
# during the "Generating optimized autoload files" step.
touch "storage/toils.sqlite"
# Install composer packages
# This runs from inside the container to avoid an implicit
# dependency on the host having composer installed.
COMPOSER_ARGS="--no-dev --no-interaction --optimize-autoloader --no-suggest"
buildah run "$WORK_CONTAINER" /bin/sh -c "cd /srv/www; composer install $COMPOSER_ARGS"
# The composer file is no longer needed.
rm "$MOUNT/$WEB_ROOT/composer.json"
rm "$MOUNT/$WEB_ROOT/composer.lock"
# Create a Laravel env file
# This causes the Laravel app key to be regenerated ever time the
# image is built.
cat <<EOF > .env
php artisan key:generate
# Perform pre-start tasks.
# The entrypoint of the base image will check for the existince of
# this file and run it prior to starting PHP-FPM and Nginx.
# Database migrations happen here so that they can be automatic.
# The SQLite database is created if it does not already exist. This is
# different from the placeholder file used elsewhere in the build
# process. That file exists on the container filesytem and is
# temporary. This one exists in the data volume mounted on
# /srv/www/storage, and is permanent.
# The call to artisan config:cache happens here so that environment
# variables are picked up when the container is started.
cat <<EOF > "$MOUNT/usr/local/sbin/"
cd "$WEB_ROOT"
mkdir -p storage/app/public
mkdir -p storage/fonts
mkdir -p storage/framework/views
mkdir -p storage/logs
if [ ! -f storage/toils.sqlite ]; then
touch storage/toils.sqlite
php artisan migrate --force --no-interaction
php artisan config:cache
# The database placeholder is no longer needed.
# The storage directory is intended to be a mount point for a data
# volume to allow for persistence, so this part of the container's
# filesystem is otherwise unused.
rm "$MOUNT/$WEB_ROOT/storage/toils.sqlite"
# Finished with direct access to the container filesystem.
buildah unmount "$WORK_CONTAINER"
# Save the working container as an image and discard the working
# container.
buildah commit --rm "$WORK_CONTAINER" "$CONTAINER_NAME"
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