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lovett committed Jan 8, 2019
1 parent 6ca3320 commit 7c8af6e6fefe4b9d4bcd033acd61d627a0bc78ad
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  3. +21 −21 package-lock.json
@@ -20,18 +20,20 @@ lint: dummy
phpcs -s app

# Install NPM packages quietly.
#setup-js: export NPM_CONFIG_PROGRESS = false
setup-js: dummy
setup-js: export NPM_CONFIG_PROGRESS=false
setup-js: export NO_UPDATE_NOTIFIER=1
npm install

# Install Composer packages quietly.
setup-php: dummy
composer --no-interaction --no-ansi update
# Install Composer packages quietly based on composer.lock
composer --no-interaction --no-ansi --no-suggest install

# Install all packages quietly.
setup: setup-php setup-js

# Check for out-of-date npm packages
outdated-js: export NO_UPDATE_NOTIFIER=1
npm outdated || true

@@ -42,6 +44,18 @@ outdated-php:
# Check for all out-of-date packages
outdated: outdated-php outdated-js

# Install newly updated npm packages.
update-js: export NO_UPDATE_NOTIFIER=1
npm update

# Install newly updated composer packages and update composer.lock
composer update

# Update all packages quietly
update: update-php update-js

# Create a package upgrade commit.
# "puc" stands for Package Upgrade Commit
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