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Low Search Members for ExpressionEngine

This add-on allows you to target standard member fields for searching with Low Search. Search results are channel entries related to matching members, as though the author_id parameter was set. This is particularly useful when dealing with a member add-on like Zoo Visitor. Requires Low Search 4+.


  • Download and unzip;
  • Copy the low_search_members folder to your system/expressionengine/third_party directory;
  • All set!


Once installed, you can use these parameters, either in the Results tag or as fields in your search form:

  • member:username
  • member:screen_name
  • member:email
  • member:url
  • member:location
  • member:occupation
  • member:interests
  • member:bday_d
  • member:bday_m
  • member:bday_y
  • member:aol_im
  • member:yahoo_im
  • member:msn_im
  • member:icq
  • member:bio
  • member:signature

To make these parameters behave like a Field Search parameter, add search: after the member: prefix, eg. member:search:username. That will allow for partial matches.


Get entries for members that have a birthday in a given month

<select name="member:bday_m">
    <option value="01">January</option>
    <option value="02">February</option>
    <option value="03">March</option>
    <option value="04">April</option>
    <option value="05">May</option>
    <option value="06">June</option>
    <option value="07">July</option>
    <option value="08">August</option>
    <option value="09">September</option>
    <option value="10">October</option>
    <option value="11">November</option>
    <option value="12">December</option>

Get entries for members that have a email address

<input name="member:search:email" value="">

Get entries for member that have selected items as interests

<input type="checkbox" name="member:search:interests[]" value="knitting"> Knitting
<input type="checkbox" name="member:search:interests[]" value="embroidery"> Embroidery
<input type="checkbox" name="member:search:interests[]" value="crochet"> Crochet