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Lowdefy Survey Example

View this example.

This is a simple customer survey example built with Lowdefy. With this example we demonstrate how simple it is to define a public webform and thank you page in Lowdefy.

This example queries all employees with the "Sales person" role from a Google sheet on page initialization. This list of sales people names are used to populate a dropdown selector in the webform. The webform contains some conditional logic which demonstrates Lowdefy's ability to express advanced custom logic in simple readable app config. See the logic in action by writing a complaint about Dwight. Upon completion, the captured data is saved as a new entry to the Google sheet.

All this in less than 400 lines of YAML config. View the source in the lowdefy.yaml file in this repository.

Running this example

  • Clone this repository or copy the content of the lowdefy.yaml into a lowdefy.yaml file in your local folder.
  • Create a Google sheet and share the sheet with a GService API account, see the Google sheets Lowdefy docs for an in depth guide on linking a Google sheet.
  • Create .env file and set both the LOWDEFY_SECRET_SHEETS_CLIENT_EMAIL and LOWDEFY_SECRET_SHEETS_PRIVATE_KEY environment variables. (Make sure to never commit your secrets to your code repository.)
  • In the command console, navigate to your project folder and run the Lowdefy CLI: pnpx lowdefy@4 dev.

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