A helper page to debug Sitecore xConnect
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This helper page allows you to test if your xConnect functionality is working as expected.

How does it help?

After installing, you can access the page through


On this page you can...

  • View status information on the current Tracker config and collection service connection
  • View basic contact facets
  • Set one or multiple identifiers for the current contact
  • Set basic contact facets
  • Flush current session which immediately triggers processing

Some possible use cases: I want to check the xConnect connection: If there is a connection problem, this will be immediately shown on the xConnectHelper page. Also, if the tracker is not active becaues of config or license issues. I want to check if data is written to the collection and reporting db: Interact with your website and then hit flush current session. Processing of your contact and interactions will immediately start and data should be visible in the databases within seconds. I want to test contact search / experience profile: The experience profile manager only lists identified contacts. You can set an identifier for your contact, then flush session. Your contact should show in the list within a few seconds.

How to install

  1. Download Release-Zip and integrate into your build
  2. Set a hard-to guess key in App_Config/Modules/xConnectHelper/xConnectHelper.config
  3. Access your page through /sitecore%20modules/Web/xConnectHelper/xConnectHelper.aspx?key=

Important Note: Because this tool is made to debug current contacts and interactions in-session, it can not be used as a regular Sitecore admin page and is therefore publicly accessible (if your access key is known). You are responsible for setting appropriate measures to regulate access to this page.

Supported Sitecore versions

This release was tested with Sitecore 9.0 update-2. It will not support any lower releases because of API changes. It should be easy to adopt to 9.1.