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This is the code that runs It is not quite ready for primetime.


You need to register a developer account at Then create an app and take note of the clientId. You need to pass this to your app as an environment variable. To create the app, you will need to 'register a new consumer'. For both its website and callback url, put 'http://localhost:5000' (this is for the dev setup).

You also need to create a developer account at You must then generate API keys and take note of the following keys and values: Consumer Key, Consumer Secret, Token, Token Secret. These also need to be set as environment variables for your app (i.e. Consumer Key -> CONSUMER_KEY).

API Keys

To get the app working locally, put all the keys in a file called '.env'. It should contain one line for each key/value pair and each line should be of the form:



Install libraries via 'pip install -r requirements.txt'. You probably want to use virtualenv for this app (Google it if you don't know how).

Run the app via 'foreman start -f'.

Make sure your app works by going to a web browser and visit http://localhost:5000.

Local Production Instance

Run the app via 'foreman start'.

Make sure your app works by going to a web browser and visit http://localhost:5000.

Heroku Production Instance

Create a heroku app.

Configure all the environment variables mentioned above using

Deploy and test.


This app is not ready for production. Some limitations:

  • performance could easily be improved:
    • build / concat js and css files
    • use gzip
    • proxy yelp requests instead of using jsonp
    • use zepto instead of jquery
  • get working on IE8
  • work in the absence of localstorage
  • use retina graphics on iphone / ipad
  • better caching
    • far future expires headers for all/most pages
    • smarter cache busting - currently cache is busted for all files on every deploy