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Makefile Update Jan 29, 2020


Operating System for ARMv8 (aarch64) Architecture

The Idea

LeOS is being developed to be a lightweight desktop operating system for ARM-based computers, tablets, mobile phones etc. Here are some concepts behind it:

  1. The OS is free with open source codes, distributed under terms of CC BY-ND 4.0.
  2. The OS will have POSIX-compliant API.
  3. The OS will include graphical system, shell and generic utilities as a part of it, being designed to work as a solid product.
  4. The OS will respect user's privacy and will not track his/her actions and data.
  5. The OS will stive to be secure and robust.


Early development is going for Raspberry PI3 board and its emulation using QEMU.



To compile LeOS run make from repository root, make sure Clang compiler is installed on your system.

$ make

Output files will be stored inside newly created build folder.


To run LeOS on QEMU, execute make run command for the repository root.

To run LeOS on Raspberry PI3, follow these steps:

  1. Compile project and copy build/kernel8.img and config.txt files to Micro SD card
  2. Make sure latest bootcode.bin and start.elf files are copied to the SD card
  3. Insert SD card into your Raspberry PI3 and power it up


If you have gdb-multiarch and QEMU installed, then debugging should be as easy as make debug.


  1. Generic kernel features:
    • Loadable Kernel file
    • UART logging
    • Memory pages avalability bitmap
    • Interrupt vectors table
    • Basic task scheduler
    • Context switching
    • MMU and entering user level
  2. Input/output:
    • Graphical driver
    • USB driver
    • Keyboard input driver
    • Mouse input driver
  3. Graphical system
  4. Shell and utilities
  5. Networking
  6. Sound system


If you would like to join developers team of LeOS you are very welcome. Feel free to perform pull request or contact me.

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