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RPM build environment
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Löwenware RPM build environment

Use script to generate rpms for package in this manner

./ aisl

or you can generate all available packages by using

./ all


  • git
  • gcc (i386 & x86_64)
  • tar
  • gzip
  • .rpmmacros file in your home folder

.rpmmacros example

%packager       User Name <>

%_gpg_name      %{packager}
%_signature     gpg
%_gpgbin        /usr/bin/gpg

%_topdir        /path/to/this/repository/root
%_tmppath       /var/tmp

%_rpmtopdir     %{_topdir}
%_buildrootdir  %{_rpmtopdir}/buildroot
%_builddir      %{_rpmtopdir}/build
%_rpmdir        %{_rpmtopdir}/rpms
%_sourcedir     %{_rpmtopdir}/sources
%_specdir       %{_rpmtopdir}/specs
%_srcrpmdir     %{_rpmdir}/src

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