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A Markdown editor disguised as a Classic Macintosh interface
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HelloEdit is a Markdown editor disguised as a Macintosh Classic-era word processor. It is modelled on Macintosh System 7 and Microsoft Word 5.1.

HelloEdit screenshot

Below the hood HelloEdit is simply an (opinionated) wrapper for EasyMDE by Jeroen Akkerman. The rest of the editor is a small Express app, and files are stored in a simple lowdb database.

Use online

HelloEdit runs on my server! Remember, with great editing power comes great editing responsibility.


HelloEdit can be installed and used locally as a personal notebook or text editor. First, clone this repository to a local directory and navigate to it in a terminal, run npm install, then run npm start whenever you want to run HelloEdit.


Bookmark your important documents in a reliable way! While HelloEdit stores bookmarked documents in LocalStorage, this can easily be cleared by a user when removing history.

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