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gentle forced aligner
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Robust yet lenient forced-aligner built on Kaldi. A tool for aligning speech with text.

Getting Started

There are three ways to install Gentle.

  1. Download the pre-built Mac application. This package includes a GUI that will start the server and a browser. It only works on Mac OS.

  2. Use the Docker image. Just run docker run -P lowerquality/gentle. This works on all platforms supported by Docker.

  3. Download the source code and run ./ Then run python3 to start the server. This works on Mac and Linux.

Using Gentle

By default, the aligner listens at http://localhost:8765. That page has a graphical interface for transcribing audio, viewing results, and downloading data.

There is also a REST API so you can use Gentle in your programs. Here's an example of how to use the API with CURL:

curl -F "audio=@audio.mp3" -F "transcript=@words.txt" "http://localhost:8765/transcriptions?async=false"

If you've downloaded the source code you can also run the aligner as a command line program:

git clone
cd gentle
python3 audio.mp3 words.txt

The default behaviour outputs the JSON to stdout. See python3 --help for options.

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