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lowlines Found an issue with reference regionIndexSets in the pattern lists. T…
…his code isn't being used for rendering at the moment, so it has been disabled pending investigation.

Fixed an issue where gear dyes had the same gearSlotTypeIndex that caused them to be overridden resulting in missing dye slots. It looks like there are also render meshes with fewer gear dyes as well so for now missing gear dyes will use the first dye slot until this can be looked into.
Added a hack fix to allow D2 Verona Mesh and High Line ships to be partially rendered due to missing vertices.
Latest commit a14292f Nov 16, 2017

Important Disclaimer

This folder contains source code supplied by the web developers to help better understand how Gear Asset data is loaded and rendered internally. It is included with this repo for reference and for archival purposes in the event that it gets removed from in future updates.

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