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Anatomy of a phark package

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A phark package is defined with a Pharkspec file in the root of a project. This defines metadata about the package including:

  • Metadata about the package: Author, Email, Homepage, Version
  • The files to include in the package
  • Any executables that need to be linked into the shell path
  • What paths to include in the php include_path
  • Other packages that this package depends on

Using this information, the phark bundle command is used to generate a .phark file (which is actually a php phar file). This package is signed and can be uploaded to a central repository.


  ->authors('Lachlan Donald <>')
  ->summary('A object mapper written for MySQL5.1 and PHP5.3')
  ->description('Pheasant is a simple object mapper for PHP 5.3+ and MySQL 5+. It offers basic relationships and query hydration.')


  • How do we handle classloaders?


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