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LUTE Max Standalone for Performing Terry Riley's In C

This is a standalone application for performing Terry Riley's In C, developed in Max 7 by the Loyola University Technology Ensemble for laptop orchestra performance or similarly technology-augmented musical vehicle.

It comes with everything a performer will need, including a changeable ostinato pulse, MIDI output support, as well as a built-in synthesizer. All of these features can be controlled directly from a computer keyboard, but if you're feeling more intrepid use this patch as a launching point for developing new synthesizers or using other external controllers.

Screenshot of In C Performance App


Current releases can be found here, with direct links found below.

Version 2.1.0

Build Steps

Building a new version of this application requires a copy of Max 7. Start by opening the *.maxpat file at the root of the repository and exporting the patch is a standalone, not a Max collective:

Export as Standalone menu item screenshot

Due to a path bug in Max as of version 7.3.5, some required resources need to be manually copied into the app bundle after building the standalone. Copy all images in media/, MIDI files in sequences/, and all resources in Extra/ to the following path, depending on OS:

Windows: <standalone folder>\resources\misc

macOS: <standalone bundle>/Contents/Resources/C74/misc
       To get to "Contents", right click the resulting *.app file
       and click "Show Package Contents".

The application has been assembled correctly if phrase playback works correctly and the staff images change when a new phrase is selected.