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@echo off
rem Run a program under a particular version of the .Net framework
rem by setting the COMPLUS_Version environment variable.
rem This command was written by Charlie Poole for the NUnit project.
rem You may use it separately from NUnit at your own risk.
if "%1"=="/?" goto help
if "%1"=="?" goto help
if "%1"=="" goto GetVersion
if /I "%1"=="off" goto RemoveVersion
if "%2"=="" goto SetVersion
goto main
echo Control the version of the .Net framework that is used. The
echo command has several forms:
echo CLR
echo Reports the version of the CLR that has been set
echo CLR version
echo Sets the local shell environment to use a specific
echo version of the CLR for subsequent commands.
echo CLR version command [arguments]
echo Executes a single command using the specified CLR version.
echo CLR off
echo Turns off specific version selection for commands
echo The CLR version may be specified as vn.n.n or n.n.n. In addition,
echo the following shortcuts are recognized:
echo net-1.0, 1.0 For version 1.0.3705
echo net-1.1, 1.1 For version 1.1.4322
echo beta2 For version 2.0.50215
echo net-2.0, 2.0 For version 2.0.50727
echo NOTE:
echo Any specific settings for required or supported runtime in
echo the ^<startup^> section of a program's config file will
echo override the version specified by this command, and the
echo command will have no effect.
goto done
set CMD=
call :SetVersion %1
shift /1
:loop 'Copy remaining arguments to form the command
if "%1"=="" goto run
set CMD=%CMD% %1
shift /1
goto :loop
:run 'Execute the command
goto done
set COMPLUS_Version=%1
rem Substitute proper format for certain names
if /I "%COMPLUS_Version:~0,1%"=="v" goto useit
if /I "%COMPLUS_Version%"=="net-1.0" set COMPLUS_Version=v1.0.3705&goto report
if /I "%COMPLUS_Version%"=="1.0" set COMPLUS_Version=v1.0.3705&goto report
if /I "%COMPLUS_Version%"=="net-1.1" set COMPLUS_Version=v1.1.4322&goto report
if /I "%COMPLUS_Version%"=="1.1" set COMPLUS_Version=v1.1.4322&goto report
if /I "%COMPLUS_Version%"=="beta2" set COMPLUS_Version=v2.0.50215&goto report
if /I "%COMPLUS_Version%"=="net-2.0" set COMPLUS_Version=v2.0.50727&goto report
if /I "%COMPLUS_Version%"=="2.0" set COMPLUS_Version=v2.0.50727&goto report
rem Add additional substitutions here, branching to report
rem assume it's a version number without 'v'
set COMPLUS_Version=v%COMPLUS_Version%
echo Setting CLR version to %COMPLUS_Version%
goto done
if "%COMPLUS_Version%"=="" echo CLR version is not set
if NOT "%COMPLUS_Version%"=="" echo CLR version is set to %COMPLUS_Version%
goto done
set COMPLUS_Version=
echo CLR version is no longer set
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