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Friendly output incase people don't have PHP MySQL support

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1 parent 0e6d774 commit f698bd5417995cd2418f5d6f1e4f2031586a7f31 @lozzd committed
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6 index.php
@@ -20,7 +20,11 @@
<h2>Welcome to FITB</h2>
<p>FITB is a automatic, RRDTool based graphing product that leaves no port untouched.</p>
<p>Select a host from the left.</p>
- <?php
+ if (!function_exists("mysql_connect")) {
+ echo '<p><span class="red">It looks like you don\'t have PHP MySQL libraries installed. FITB will require these to connect to the
+ database</span></p>';
+ }
if (!connectToDB()) {
echo '<p><span class="red">FITB is having trouble connecting to your database. Have you set up MySQL with the FITB database and specified
the correct connection parameters in config.php?</span></p>';

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