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This class acts as a Ruby wrapper around the smbclient command line utility, allowing access to Samba (SMB, CIFS) shares from Ruby. What‘s special about Sambala‘s implementation, is that it allows for both both queue and interactive commands operations. While interactive mode is invoked in a blocking manner, the queue mode behaves as a non-blocking, multi-threaded, background process.

Sambala works on Unix derivatives operating systems (Linux, BSD, OSX, else), as long as the operating system has the smbclient utility installed somewhere in the environment‘s PATH.

Sambala supports most, but not all, smbclient features. I didn‘t to this point implement commands relying on posix server support, because I wanted Sambala to be server agnostic. If some commands or interfaces you would like to use is not supported by Sambala, email me and I may answer with a quick feature update when feasible.

I tried to make Sambala as simple as possible, retaining most of the original smbclient command names, as instance method names for the Sambala client object. It behaves as you would expect from an OOP lib: You instantiate a new Sambala object and are then allowed to send smbclient commands a instance method to this object. The only big difference, is the queue mode, which is activated on a per command/method invocation, with a ‘true’ flag, you add as the last parameter to the method invocation. When some commands are queued, you can harvest them at a later point with the queue_results method, returning an array containing your commands and their respective results.

Sambala online docs: http://sambala.rubyforge.org/ruby-doc/

When in doubt about what each command does, please refer to smbclient man page for help.