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Delauny Triangulation
build with:
to get makepoints-d and delaunay-d, or build release versions with:
make config=release
which will result in makepoints-z and delaunay-z.
First generate a point cloud:
./makepoints-z -t uniform --seed 1234 -n 10000 --range 100 -o points.txt
Run `./makepoints-z -h` to see what these parameters mean.
Next run the triangulator. This has a bunch of options to describe the
visualization. Run `./delaunay-z --help` for a full list.
Example: skip visualization and just show the end, with a moving cutaway
./delaunay-z --animcutaway --skip --points points.txt
Example: show visualization, with auto advancement, using space to start/stop
./delaunay-z --animcutaway --auto --pause --points points.txt
Example: use default data set, step one operation at a time (hold space to watch it progress)
Add --nodebug to any of these to disable the debug primitive rendering.
Interactive Controls
SPACE pause or unpause if auto stepping, advance by 1 operation if not.
shift+s large step (100 operations)
ARROW UP/DOWN zoom camera
MOUSE BUTTON +MOVE rotate camera