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#pragma once
#include <list>
#include <vector>
class SparsePointGrid;
class TriangleHashList
struct HashValue
HashValue() : v0(-1), v1(-1), v2(-1), frontFacing(false),
next(0), nextInserted(0), prevInserted(0) {}
int v0,v1,v2;
bool frontFacing;
HashValue *next;
HashValue *nextInserted;
HashValue *prevInserted;
std::vector< HashValue * > m_buckets;
HashValue* m_lastInserted;
struct StatsType
int numInsertions;
int numCollisions;
} m_stats;
TriangleHashList(int numBuckets);
bool AddOrRemove(int v0, int v1, int v2);
bool Remove(int v0, int v1, int v2);
bool GetFront(int *verts);
void GetAllFaces(std::vector<int>& outFaceIndices) const;
bool Empty() const { return m_lastInserted == 0; }
void DebugDrawFaces(const SparsePointGrid * grid);
TriangleHashList(const TriangleHashList&);
TriangleHashList& operator=(const TriangleHashList&);
bool RemoveFromBuckets(int v0, int v1, int v2);
bool RemoveFromBuckets(int idx, int v0, int v1, int v2);
class Triangulator
struct Tetrahedron
Tetrahedron(int v0, int v1, int v2, int v3)
: v0(v0), v1(v1), v2(v2), v3(v3) {}
int v0, v1, v2, v3;
struct SplitNode
SplitNode(int dir, const AABB& bounds)
: m_splitDir(dir)
, m_bounds(bounds)
, m_activeFaces( Max(4,4*int(bounds.m_max[dir] - bounds.m_min[dir])))
m_children[0] = m_children[1] = 0;
int m_splitDir;
AABB m_bounds;
TriangleHashList m_activeFaces;
SplitNode* m_children[2];
SplitNode(const SplitNode&);
SplitNode& operator=(const SplitNode&);
SparsePointGrid* m_grid;
std::list< SplitNode* > m_nodesTodo;
bool m_bStarted;
std::vector< Tetrahedron > m_results;
Triangulator(SparsePointGrid* grid);
bool IsDone() const;
void Step();
int GetNumTetrahedrons() const { return m_results.size(); }
const Tetrahedron& GetTetrahedron(int idx) const { return m_results[idx]; }
Triangulator(const Triangulator&);
Triangulator& operator=(const Triangulator&);
void StartWall(SplitNode* node);
void ContinueWall(SplitNode* node);
void AddSimplex(SplitNode* node, const Plane& plane, int v0, int v1, int v2, int v3);
void InitActiveFaces(SplitNode* node);
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